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The Monster In Me

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The Monster in Me
Words and music by Wes Graham

Now you see it, so tell me what do you think?
A clown and a ghoul, a freak and a fool, It’s the real me.
Now you’ve done it, you know what the secrets about.
You’re starting to cry, I wish I could die, but I warned you.

On those hot summer nights,
when you called out my name.
When I pushed you away,
tried to drive you away,
but you stayed all the same

Under the xenon lights,
things don’t look quit the same.
But when your dream turns into your nightmare
You’ve only yourself to blame.

I was just an illusion you were not meant to see
But it had to happen, it had to be
You finally see, The Monster in Me.

As I see it, my life is like a play
by a writer who's cruel
leaves me playing the fool and the martyr
As we watch it, we're learning what tragedy means
We're right at the part

On this hot summer night
when I hold out my hand
When love turns to fright
and you run from the sight
of what you can't understand
on this cruel summer night
when I am made to see.
The love that I've lost and the frightening cost of what it means to be me.

You grab all my pages and tear open my book
You hold up a mirror and you force me to look!
I finally see, The Monster in Me