Wes Graham, singer/songwriter 

Wes Graham likes to describe his musical journey as a tale of three lives. Born and raised in Southern California, he turned to music at a very young age, first learning to play the trumpet and leading his own band by the time he was in the 5th grade. As his musical style evolved, Wes turned toward rock music, learning to play keyboards, writing a wealth of songs, and performing as the lead singer of an up-and-coming band in the LA area (Nightwatch) during the mid-80s. 

Ultimately, though, life took a turn and Wes stepped away from the music to concentrate on dealing with some personal concerns. Music took a back seat for several years—to the point of becoming dormant in his life. Eventually health issues, in the form of arthritis and asthma, took away his ability to perform and he was out of music forever, or so he thought. During this period of time, he made a move to Texas, switched to another career and didn’t really think much about music. 

This brings him to early 2017. One day, out of the blue, he just noticed that the pain had left his fingers and his voice returned. Not wanting to waste a seeming miracle, in blast of creative energy, Wes plunged back into the world of music. He began playing piano again and getting his voice back into shape. As the creativity flowed back, so did the desire to record his own music. He hooked up with well-known West Coast-based music producer Magic Moreno and together they began honing recordings in Wes’s signature Pop/R&B style. For Wes, it’s a return to his first love of writing and performing his own music—this time on his own terms.

The first single, What Would I Have to Do,  is now available. For information on future release dates and upcomeing events please join our mailing list.

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