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Till Death Do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part
Words & music by Wes Graham

Sleep, she says sleep. I’ll stay by your side while you sleep,
peaceful and warm.
But there in her eyes, clear as blue mountain skies sparks a

Once she was a lady, with elegance style and grace
But now she hides in shadows with
bruises on her face

Now she is just a travesty her dress all torn to rags
She’ll leave the police the lake to-- drag,
She’s no longer your punching bag.

No, it’s not what you think; you know how he gets when he drinks, but not anymore.
Too many times, with lipstick and makeup
Hiding the traces so the neighbors don’t know
Just close your eyes dear, just for a moment.
Just kiss me once be-fore you must go-----------
----to sleep. Peaceful and warm.
He imagines her face in the dawn, but that’s where he’s wrong
Her hand on his heart as he closes his eyes and she softly sighs
Till Death Do Us Part.

Once she was a child, innocent as a dove
And he was just a master at disguising pain as love
But now he is just a memory.

And when he goes to sleep and turns out the lights.
She thinks of the beating she got Saturday night.
She does not remember how she loved the man.
She looks down and sees a bloody knife in her hand.

Sleep, she says sleep. Exiled down to the deep, permanent sleep.
The battered wife, avenging her life, with a knife.

Down by the water, before the morning light….
All of her nightmares are sinking out of sight.

She is just a widow now, her grief not hard to fake.
And he is just a memory at the bottom of the lake.