Say Hello to my Old Friend

As only the oldest of my old friends will remember, before I was a singer and before I was a piano player, my first instrument was the trumpet. I started playing before I was even old enough to lift it (my mom held it up for me while I played) and I played it up into high school. I ended up giving up on it for a couple of reasons: I got braces which made it painful (Yes, I’m a complete wimp) and the stunning realization that singers got way more girls than trumpet players. (Which is EXTRODINARALY important to young boys.?) Long story short I said goodbye to trumpet playing in high school and put my baby in the closet where it stayed. 

If you’ve been following my posts from the being you know that my piano playing and singing abilities came back to me last year in an unexpected and (I’ll say it) miraculous way. Well a few weeks ago I was reorganizing the black hole that is my closet and saw my old trumpet case buried under the various items of debris. On a whim I decided to pull it out, clean it up and see if my “miracle” extended to the trumpet as well as the rest. 

Needless to say (since I’m posting about it) I was pleasantly surprised. I waited a few weeks to mention it, just to be sure it was really doable but I believe it will become part of my musical resurrection. It will be a while (months?) until you hear it just because of the physical development required to play for more than a few minutes. So now, back after 42 years, say hello to my old friend. I hope to share it with you soon. 

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