Say Goodbye to Hollywood (and hello to a brave new world)

This was an emotional day; a crossing of the Rubicon as far as this project goes. Look at the photograph. This is the picture of a brash, egotistical, self-centered (a bit of an asshole), but joyous young man. I know him well; he is the sound track that’s been banging away inside my skull since this started. He is me but I am not him and for now, at least as far as this project is concerned, I have to let him go.

If this “resurrection” is to happen I have to be authentic to myself as I am now. I no longer have his voice, but I have my voice and this voice may not be as strong as his but it has actually lived through all the joy, pain, triumphs, tragedies, miracles and mental breakdowns that that young man only wrote about.

He was obsessed with fame and that probably was his downfall. For me, the “Fame Train” has long since left the station. All that matters now is self-expression and my almost desperate need to take the music in my mind and put it into the world for better or for worse.

I truly hope what comes out will be enjoyable and maybe even meaningful to the many (or few) people who hear it, but that could just be the ghost of old vanity talking (and with me crazy is never off the table).

Wes Graham 3-9-17

(T-minus 25 days and counting to the first day of recording)

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