Hi to all my friends, family and fans. (and fans to be!) All the new activity on Spotify and Apple Music has finally gotten me some credibility and allowed me to secure an “Angel Investor” that will allow me to record my first album!!  We’re looking for a summer release with some of the first singles coming out earlier. 

Now comes (the next) hard bit. I now have to take seriously the practical and philosophical matters that have only been “pie in the sky” musings up until now. I now find myself in the position of having to “officially” define myself. (since every distribution outlet asks) 

I’ve never given serious thought to what genre my songs fall into. I guess Pop is a good overall starting point but I have songs that sound R&B, Rock, Country, Ballad, even Humorous.  I also have a strong theatrical influence. I guess I could call it “Theatrical Pop/Rock “(but good luck finding that on the pull down menus at the distribution outlets lol) but I guess if I have to have a problem, this is an excellent problem to have. 

Thank you all for your patients with my “sparse” social media skills. As we narrow down the song choices for the album, I plan on posting info about the background and thoughts behind the different tracks. 

Wes Graham


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